Could this be the hidden image?

As always i am monitoring all the channels to see what people are saying about what might happen on the 28th. Stilll losts of speculation as to what will happen, which game will be annouced who will annouce it where it will be annouced, or if in fact anything will be annouced or not.

Anyway hidden away in a random thread is this picture.
Could this be the hidden picture

Now i for one am not sure, it looks like it could be but then i can;t think of a relevance to anything to do with blizzard or am i missing something? It doesnt go with what i was saying before about the creature hiding something, which obviously is a little bit of a bummer for me.

But looking at it i think this could just be a random persons interpretation of what it will be. There just doens’t seem to be any relevance is all i can think.

I mean here is the one i posted up earlier today:
The hidden css animal from the world of warcraft site

And here is the one i posted just now:
Could this be the hidden picture

So for starters the colours seem to be out in the new image compared to the old, it looks like the purple that runs down the back of the creature is slightly different to the one that i’ve just found. Also i think the background is slightly off too, meaning someone has just copied and pasted the stuff you can already see and made it into the whole image. I dont know though, it could be just that i havent got the original sizes of the two open but they do look like they shouldnt match. The new one just looks a little strange when compared to the original one.

What do people think? Should thi sbe branded a fake? Or are we to believe the hidden message within the CSS is infact this creature and it was litterally a little bit of fun?

Let me know i will keep you posted on all aspects.

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