New hidden image in the WOW CSS

The hidden css animal from the world of warcraft site

So i get into work this morning to see if wow has decided to offer us up another gem and i wasnt dissapointed. There is a new splash screen which i will try and fathom out plus there is a new image hidden within the CSS.

I’ve taken the liberty to line up all the images incase i can see what is happening. The new image (bottom right of the total beast) finishes off one side of the animal. This means there are clearly two more tiles left. So thats 2 days till 28th which is when its widely expected an annoucement will be made. So i would expect the bottom left image to come out tomorrow with another cryptic clue. This one was called 16.jpg under the class name icy. Not sure if this means anything to anyone?

What do i think the next two images will show

So i’ve had a look at the image from a number of angles. I’m pretty sure i have a good guess as to what will happen. The bottom image will show the other foot, probablly some sort of item of sorts, or maybe even the bottom of a rolled out scroll. The middle image, which i think is the crowning glory will show the monster holding something in a protective manner. I say this because if you look at the top of the head (the part we can see) it looks almost as if its trying to protect something, shying away and looking over its shoulder. The arms are also bent to that might also indicate something is being help.

What is being held i wonder? It might simply be an item that will mean something to someone, or it could be something like a rolled down scroll, showing use text which will tell us something that is meant to happen, e.g. Release Date 28th June 2008. Or something.

It might even be a brand new game they’re developing. I hear there is something called project hydra. Could this be it? I have no idea, but we will no doubt find out in the next could of days and i will try and explain it to you as best as i can.

The images so far

So here are the images that we have in the CSS so far:
Hidden image in the wow css, head of beast

The middle of the beast

Shows the top right of the beast

The new hidden image that was in the WOW css.

So what does everyone think? What will we get in the next two images, any hardcore blizzard fans out there who can shed some more light on this?

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3 Comments so far »

  1. by Jim Jackobsen, on June 26 2008 @ 9:25 am


    Hmm, ihave no idea what this could mean. Maybe we’re looking for something that is new or maybe it’s nothing.

    I hate surprises i want to know now. Thanks for the post i will be back over the weekend to see you have found out. Waiting in anticipation.


  2. by James Tralvis, on June 26 2008 @ 9:28 am


    This is fantastic, i love viral ads and things like that. It shows that companies have an imagination. Great work on the posts. Keep up the good work i really want to see what this hidden css images mean.

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